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murat cem mengüç

Workshop Announcement

January 18 - May 18

Gestures of Disappearence

In conjunction with my Bresler Residency at Visarts from January 18 to May 18, 2023, I am conducting a workshop Gestures of Disappearance is a collaborative workshop focusing on carbon footprint. It aims to make art with the purpose of calculating its environmental impact. Most artists are aware and outspoken about climate change but do not address the issue in terms of their own practices. Like most of the society, artists also tend to believe that carbon footprint is mainly caused by big industrial, economic, and political players.

However, 2/3 of the World's carbon footprint results from basic household practices and it is evident that unless there is a dramatic shift in our life styles our civilization will face extinction. Historically speaking, such dramatic social changes don’t occur through top down decisions but due to bottom up collective movements. Believing that artist are in general the leading creative and forward thinking members of the society, this workshop invites them to directly engage with the issue.


In this workshop, participants will

  1. research and discuss carbon footprint and climate change in terms of it relationship to artistic practices

  2. collectively develop works of art which will openly disclose their carbon footprint

  3. collectively execute and realize these works

  4. present to the public their results through an exhibition.


Gestures of Disappearance is open to all interested artists wether they would like to participate or audit without commitment.

Weekly meetings are held on Thursdays 6.30 pm (EST)

Zoom Link:


For more information, please contact Murat Cem Mengüç via

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